Since Helen first opened her flagship salon in Neutral Bay, Sydney in 2002, bringing collections from the world’s most eminent designers to Australia, the name Helen Rodrigues has become an icon: an emblem of excellence at the cutting edge of bridal haute couture and a symbol of sophistication and classic taste for the nation’s most elegant brides.

Sincerely is one of Helen’s ventures. Extending her vision into affordable luxury, it allows brides to purchase sample wedding gowns from internationally renowned names in the field of bridal design at a great discount. By appointment only and located just a few doors down from the original salon in Neutral Bay, Sincerely offers a high level of personalised service with Helen and her experienced team dedicated to helping you find your dream gown.

"Sincerely: SAMPLE Designer wedding gowns at dream prices.”

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Note: Being sample gowns, majority of the gowns are in excellent condition and some may have slight imperfections that will need attention. We have an amazing seamstress we can recommend to get your gown looking pristine in no time!